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The Good Farm Gambang

TGF Gambang is located 500 meters from the Gambang Toll Plaza and is at the center of UMP Gambang Complex.

It is sandwiched between the Gambang Toll Plaza Highway, and the Persiaran bandar Gambang along the road leading to the UMP Holdings Building and Pahang Technology Park.

The 60 acres of Urban Farm is being developed for various cash crops, and shall be boasting many attractions for the whole family


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The Good Farm Gambang is divided inro a few areas as follow:-

1. Nursery

Our nursery is a 23 x 85 feet fully covered closed Nursery that can hold 800 trays of 1204 holes Nursery Tray.  We create all kinds of seddlings that you may need, both for hobbyist and serious farmers.  Please contact us at 019-3791303 (Halim) for more information on our Nursery Services

2. Sweet Potato 40 acres

We have 3 varieties of sweet potatoes and our farm, namely the Vitato, purple with orange flesh and Purple with Purple Flesh.  Estimated monthly output is 50-100 tonnes

3. Laman Cendawan (Oyster Mushroom Farming)

a. Our Oyster Mushroom Baglog Production

Our bag logs production facility can produce up to 10,000 baglogs per day.  Please contact us if you like more information

b. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Shed Houses

Our mushroom growing sheds are simple to set up and can house up to 4000 baglogs per unit.  We have weekly harvest of fresh white oyster mushroom for your requirements

4. Aquaponics & Hysdrophonics

We have various systems, vertical NFT and many more at our Aqua and Hydro Centre.

We produce all kinds of greens, please contact us for more information on our current product list

5. Fertigation

6. Greenhouse

Laman Lada (chilis of the world) we have 15 varieties of chili at our Laman Lada, do try some of them if you dare.

Greens – various green vegetables are planted inside of 4000 sq feet greenhouse

7. Mini Petting Area

Children can get bored easily, so we decided to give the young ones some exciting things to see

Our mini petting area will host Padi Horses, Ayam Hutan, Rabbits and a few other animals to keep the little ones interested

8. Fresh Produce Shop

A visit to TGF will not be complete without you and your family picking some fresh vegetables and greens to eat at MakDi (our Garden Café) or to bring Home.

We charge a nominal fee for what you pick, and rest assured of fresh healthy vegetables from TGF

You may sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, or some black ginger tea

Enjoy freshly cooked vegetables from our farm while you are at TGF Gambang

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More additional components are planned for the future, such as a

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